He Popped the Question; Now You Need a Plan.

By | December 26th, 2018|

CONGRATULATIONS! All those subliminal hints worked. You finally won over all the doubtful thoughts in his mind, and convinced him you’re the one. Now that he’s made your dream come true, let’s talk about where to get started to create a stress-free wedding you and your fiancé will never forget.

  • 1: Determine your budget:
  • Many families are gracious enough to help out with the cost of a wedding. Deciding what your total spending budget is ahead of time will make decision making easier down the road.
  • 2: Choose your wedding party:
  • Once your friends hear about your engagement, they’ll begin to wonder who’s in and who’s out.
  • 3: Prepare the guest list:
  • Having a huge guest lists can be exciting, or it could be overbearing. Sticking to a set guest list and keeping track of your RSVP’s can keep costs minimal and avoid unexpected expenses.
  • 4: Save your date and book your venues:
  • Decide whether the ceremony and reception will be at the same venue. If not, determine travel time and directions between the two venues for your guests to follow. Once the venue is booked, you can send your save-the-dates and order your invitations.
  • 5: Reserve your officiator:
  • If you decide to use an officiant with a busy schedule, now is the time to make sure they pencil you in.
  • 6: Book your photographer and entertainment:
  • This part is totally up to you. If you want a live DJ, now is the time to coordinate their schedule with yours. Also, make sure to also hire a photographer you are comfortable with that will take all the shots you desire.
  • 7: Meet with and hire your caterer:
  • Choosing a catering menu that not only you, but your guests, will enjoy is a key component to having a fairytale wedding.
  • 8: Buy your dress:
  • Now that you have some of the major details planned out, it is time to show yourself some you time. Grab your mom and your best girls and get to shopping! (While staying within budget of course)
  • 9: Register for your wedding bridal shower:
  • It is customary to register with at least three different retailers.
  • 10: Send out invitations:
  • Traditionally, most brides send their invitations six to eighty weeks before the wedding to allow guests enough time to RSVP.
  • 11: Book the rehearsal dinner:
  • Now that you know where you will be having your wedding, pick a location close to your venue to have the rehearsal dinner.
  • 12: Get your marriage license:
  • This process can take up to a week! Make sure you allot yourselves enough time to get that taken care of before the big day; you only have 30 days to file it after you are married.
  • 13: Write your vows:
  • If you and your fiancé have decided to write your own vows, make sure you include everything that made you two fall in love.
  • 14: Enjoy your bachelorette party:
  • By now, hopefully your bridesmaids have put together a fabulous, fun final fling for you. After all your hard work to put your big day together, this is your time to take it easy.
  • 15: Pack for the honeymoon:
  • This step will make leaving your wedding and enjoying your time as a newlywed effortless and relaxing.

And that’s it! You’re a married couple now. We hope you enjoy your happily ever after.